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Acoustic monitoring for “Worlds best tribute festival”

The importance of acoustic monitoring

SES Technical will be providing acoustic monitoring services for this year’s Glastonbudget music Festival, taking place at Wymeswold in Leicestershire. The event feature an impressive array of some of the world’s best tribute acts. 

SES’s specialist engineers are widely experienced in providing noise consultancy services to evaluate environmental impacts across a comprehensive array of live events and gatherings leaving event organisers and concertgoers alike to enjoy the event.

Musical event expertise

Glastonbudget falls within the jurisdiction of Charnwood Borough Council, whose pre planning document Environmental protection noise control – outdoor events with music, states “For medium or large sized events advice should be obtained from a qualified noise consultant with knowledge and experience in the UK for the assessment and control of noise from music events.”

About Glastonbudget 2016

The array of top quality tribute acts is more impressive than ever at Glastonbudget. They include

Abba Revival, Absolute Bowie, Alive And Kicking UK, Antarctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars Tribute, The Clone Roses, Darkside Of Pink Floyd, Dizzy Lizzy, Fell Out Boy, Four Fighters, Gordon Davis As Elvis, Green Date, Guns 2 Roses, Hot Red Chili Peppers and Jilted Generation – and many more.

Special guest is Goldie Lookin’ Chain and original bands include Aztec Temples, Becky Woodman, Bella Diem, Beneath the Lights, Chasing Deer, The Drugstore Cowboys amongst others.

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Images courtesy of Glastonbudget.