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Stage lighting installation for Fosse Primary School underway

LED lights and control desk for Leicester school are simple but very effective

An installation of stage lighting is underway for a school in Leicester, which will provide a versatile and cost-effective – but visually impressive – setup.

The three main benefits of the new rig for Fosse Primary School will be:-

  1. An almost limitless range of colour combinations – without the need for gels
  2. Ease of use
  3. Lower electricity bills

Stagg stage lights

Stagg SLI Kingpar 1-0 lights are being installed. Each of the 21 x 3W units features seven separate RGB lights – enabling any combination of colour washes to be achieved without the old-fashioned and awkward necessity for coloured gels.

Juggler rack mount manual lighting control desk

Juggler rack mount manual lighting control desk

Lighting control desk

SES Technical are also installing a Zero 88 Juggler Manual Lighting Console at Fosse Primary.

According to the Zero 88 website,

“Juggler is a manual lighting control desk specifically designed for the smaller stage; a perfect solution for small scale lighting systems. Channel faders are set in a conventional two preset layout for easy crossfading. A fade time control allows smooth fades to be achieved over periods as long as 5 minutes. All crossfades are true dipless. This ability to hold constant lighting levels and varying fade times allows sophisticated lighting plots to be replayed simply and accurately.”

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