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L-Acoustics event PA equipment coming to SES Technical

Outdoor and indoor event PA

SES Technical has announced the imminent arrival of L-Acoustics’ cutting edge DV-DOSC line array range of event PA equipment – which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

L-Acoustics provide sound for major events including installations in theatres, convention centres, sport arenas, houses of worship and amusement parks.

Large event sound

Jeff Pallett, managing Director of SES Technical said recently

“The L-Acoustics range will enable SES to take a leap forward in the provision of even higher quality event sound in the near future. This versatile and high quality range will allow us to provide even better audience experiences for indoor and outdoor events.”

Featured equipment will include:-

The L-Acoustics dV-DOSC compact WST enclosure

The dV-DOSC Line Source element (pictured, top) has an operating frequency bandwidth from 65 Hz to 20 kHz and this response can be lowered down to 35 Hz with the addition of the dV-SUB low frequency extension cabinet.

The dV-DOSC® system is a 2-way, bi-amplified design and is equipped with 2 x 8” speakers in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The HF section features a 3” diaphragm driver coupled to a DOSC® waveguide. The V-shaped coplanar transducer configuration generates a symmetric horizontal coverage of 120° without secondary lobes over the entire frequency range.

L-Acoustics dV-SUB high power LF extension by SES

The L-Acoustics dV-SUB high power LF extension

The L-ACOUSTICS® dV-SUB is the low frequency extension of the dV-DOSC compact line source array system. Designed for applications requiring maximum low-end impact from a compact enclosure dV-SUB operates from 35 Hz and features a triple 15’’ speaker configuration assembled in a dual-chamber vented bypass enclosure.

The dV-SUB enclosure generates an omni-directional coverage pattern. The addition of dV-SUB elements within the line source array progressively polarizes the vertical coverage towards the front of the system (the horizontal directivity also increases due to natural dipole effects).

L-Acoustics SB218 high power subwoofer by SES

The L-Acoustics SB218 high power subwoofer

The L-ACOUSTICS® SB218 is the companion subwoofer for V-DOSC® or ARCS® and features two, front-loaded 18-inch transducers loaded in an optimally-sized and tuned vented enclosure. With power handling capacity of 1100 Wrms (4400 Wpeak) and response to 25 Hz, the SB218 is ideal for applications requiring maximum low frequency extension and impact.

The SB218 provides unparalleled low end punch and bass articulation combined with high power handling and efficiency. Due to its compact design and critically damped tuning, multiple SB218 enclosures couple effectively while providing the bass definition and musicality that only a front loaded subwoofer can provide.