We believe that the installation process needs to be kept as simple as possible whilst maintaining communication and transparency throughout is essential. We therefore manage each project and separate our process into four simple stages.


In the design stage we work on the following:

. Initial enquiry to gain an insight on your requirements
. Booking in a site visit to discuss in person and perform technical survey
. Provide a quotation(s) and plans based on site discussions and survey
. Discuss quotations and make any revisions if required
. Send finalised quote and plans for approval


The installation process involves managing our team from the first day of the installation, where we will discuss details such as cable runs and locations before we begin, to the final commissioning . We will also project manage 3rd party contractors such as electricians to ensure that the whole installation runs smoothly. We finish the installation with a handover training session to get you up and running with confidence.


We highly recommend that your new system is maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting the most from your new investment! To keep you covered, we offer the following: (please click on a service for more information)

. Annual service visits
. Service Calls
. Health Checks
. 3 Tier Maintenance Contracts


You may well have questions during any given stage of your project from enquiry to after sales support, so please do not hesitate to contact us! We believe there is no such thing as a "silly question".

With audio visual equipment being mostly electrical, faults can develop from time to time so if you have any problems or if you would like some additional training or advice then just let us know!

Here are some examples of the types of installation that we offer and sectors that we work in.

PA systems for Churches

Working with historic churches, listed buildings, new build or church renovation projects can be challenging when you want to make a speaker or screen disappear into the fabrics of the building but our innovative and creative installations allow cutting edge technology to be used and installed into churches whilst maintaining most important aesthetics of the building.

Sound systems for Churches

We deal with church sound and video installations on a daily basis so we understand not only the need for the care and consideration of installing into listed buildings but also the faculty and decision making processes involved. We do not offer a set package because every customer and every church is different. We aim to install systems that are unnoticeable when the church is not being used for services.

PA systems for Schools and Education

We install sound, video and lighting systems into classrooms, school halls, lecture theatres all over the country and then support our installations with maintenance contracts which include annual PAT testing by City and Guilds certified engineers.

Sound, Video and Lighting Systems for Schools and Education

We install PA systems, video systems and lighting systems into schools and academies throughout the U.K so whether you just need a smart screen in a classroom or you want to light up your year 6 nativity play, we have the appropriate solution for you.

PA systems for Warehouses and Factories

Our public address systems are individually tailored to suit any given environment and requirement so whether you want a simple announcement system or a combined background music, internet radio and announcement system then we have a solution for you.

Sound and Speaker Systems for Work Environments

We have years of experience, having successfully installed public address (tannoy) systems into multiple warehouses and factories nationwide and support or installations after completion with our maintenance contracts and PAT testing. We ensure that we always comply with electrical and health and safety standards for the workplace.

Display and Projection

We provide a bespoke design process where we will visit your church or venue and work so if you want to hide a 3M twin motor screen behind a chancel archway or install relay screens onto columns in the Nave, we will work with you and your team to ensure that we deliver the perfect solution for each individual scenario that we are presented with.

Video Screen and Data Projector Installations

We work with all major suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that we can offer and support your requirements. Our forward thinking and innovative approach means that we always exceed expectations.

Voice Alarm and PA Evacuation Systems

Dual purpose systems that are constantly monitored and can be used for announcements and background music. We install standalone systems or integrate with fire alarm systems in any size environment.

Voice Alarm and PA Evacuation Systems

Public Address and Voice Systems (PAVA Systems) contain many of the same elements as a standard fire alarm system so sites with existing fire alarm systems can often be upgraded without the need for a complete and costly overhaul.

Induction Loop Installations

Hearing loops are used to assist those who are hard of hearing. .We install a wide range of hearing systems from the traditional "loop" to the latest infra-red and wireless technology.

Induction Loop Installations

As with all of our installations, the requirements and design are unique to each client, church and building. In churches, for example it is essential that someone who is hard of hearing is able to pick up the sound through a hearing aid or receiving device no matter where they sit, especially when seating orientations can change.

Digital Signage and Camera Systems

Digital Signage helps to engage, attract and keep people up to date with events and activities in any type of venue such as churches, schools, commercial venues, shopping centres. We can provide solutions from scheduling software to screens (Indoor and Outdoor) to a simple digital notice board.

Camera Systems

We appreciate that a lot of Churches like to maintain an open door policy for members of the public to visit for quiet prayer or reflection and tourism. With technology becoming more widely used, it can be a worry to leave a church open when you have sound and video equipment installed. We can install a CCTV systems that notify you of movement and also gives you access from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

AV System Health Checks and Maintenance Contracts

Is your audio visual system starting to look and feel a bit tired? Do you have gremlins in your system that you just can't quite pinpoint? Get in touch for more information on our health checks where we will visit you and diagnose issues, fix and repair on the day (if possible) or loan items from our extensive hire stock whilst we get your equipment repaired.

What is Included In Our AV System Health Check............?

For further information on what is included in our AV system health check just CLICK HERE.


If you need some advice on your sound, video or lighting system then we are here for you, regardless of who it has been installed by! Please call us or drop us an email and we will get back to you.

Youtube Channel

We have just launched our youtube channel that will be packed full of tutorials, product demos and unboxing videos that is being updated all the time.

Wireless Control Systems

The installation of sound and video systems into venues such as churches often call for discreet solutions where the amplifier rack and mixing console may need to be out of sight, often locked away in a vestry or cupboard so they are not seen for visual or safety reasons. This would often prove incredibly difficult in the past but with todays technology, you can control the sound, monitor mixes and even video and camera systems through wireless/ smart devices. This gives a greater flexibility and peace of mind, especially for churches as you can save your settings and recall them for each type of service whilst sitting in the congregation or leading a service.

Wireless Control for your Sound and Video System

When we specify sound, video and lighting systems, the end user/ operator is always in the forefront of our mind. It would be a pointless waste of money if you installed all the bells and whistles but the control interface was so complicated that no-one except the install engineer could use it! We appreciate that in most churches, it is a team of willing volunteers that operate the AV systems so we design our systems to be as simple to use as possible.

Church AV Furniture

Our attention to detail is unparalleled. We go to great lengths to ensure that our installations are as discreet as possible. Church furniture such as AV cabinets and lecterns can often be overlooked but we work with a number of bespoke and off the shelf manufacturers to ensure that your new AV cabinet or lectern match the existing furniture of your venue.

Church AV Cabinets and Lecterns

We can provide an off the shelf solution or a bespoke design depending on your requirements and budgets. We provide finish samples and designs so that you know how your new church furniture will look and fit in your church or building. We install lecterns with built in microphones (wireless if required) and built in relay screens to show content that is being displayed on a main screen.

New Build Projects

Our vast experience of working on new build projects means that we can confidently support you through the whole process of working with architects and site managers through to the installation and commisioning.

Data Cable and Network Installations

We often get asked to install data and network cabling for all types of buildings from additional access points to increase your WIFI range to full data and network installations for control and monitoring.