Is it Really That Important?

We understand that sound and video systems can develop faults from time to time however, we believe that by maintaining your system properly it will give you a longer lifespan and therefor be more cost effective over the course of time! A system health check or annual service has been proven to give greater longevity to audio visual systems and allows you ensure two very important criteria are met.

  1. That you maintain availability of your system so it can be used by your congregation, customers, clients etc.
  2. That you maintain the optimum performance of your system. You may be a church, hotel or conference centre who rents out your space to external events and if your system is not running properly or a speaker has blown for example, it is unlikely that they will return in the future!

We have a qualified in house repair technician who can diagnose, repair and service items (with genuine parts) if we need to take something away to be repaired. We also have a massive range of hire stock so we can leave you with a loan unit to keep you going whilst repairs are being done, saving you potential loss of earnings through down time.

So what is included in the AV System Health Check?

  • A physical inspection of the system including input/ output points and a full test of the operation and performance of the entire system.
  • A visual inspection for loose connections with minor repairs for issues such as loose cables/ connectors.
  • Hearing loop listening test and calibration check to BS7594 (field strength) standards.
  • Assess projector performance, lamp life, alignment/ keystone and clean filters (where fitted).
  • Perform an electrical safety (PAT) test on each item which is included as a document in the final report along with Pass/ Fail stickers on the items tested.
  • A full report of the visit including any repairs undertaken along with recommendations on requirements for further repairs or suggestions on how you can improve your system.